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PDO Thread Lift


WHY Thread Lift?

The PDO Threadlift uses small surgical strings to create tightening results similar to a facelift, with no cutting or scarring, and with minimal downtime. It lifts various areas of the face and body, virtually holding the skin in place and continuing to plump the skin over time by stimulating collagen.


PDO Thread Lift

30 minutes

$800 ($400 per thread)

A PDO Thread Lift is a treatment that lifts and tightens sagging skin tissues using threads made of polydioxanone. The lifting thread is introduced deep into the layer of the skin and produces these effects:

· Instant skin lifting and tightening.

· Cellular renewal through collagen stimulation to improve texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Threads dissolve after about one year, however, the lifted facial contours can remain for up to two years due to cellular rejuvenation effects.

Thread lifts can be used to lift lax tissue around the jowls, cheeks and eyebrows.




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